Mixing Services

Various prices depending on size of the project (Number of stems) Starting from £100. Get in touch for a quote.

Mixing Critiques

£25 per track. I will critique your mix and tell you what you need to work on and suggest strategies and approaches to achieve the sound you want.

Production Work

You can hire me to produce or co-produce your track. It can include recording and mixing services. Starting price £350. Discount available for bundle productions.

Composing services

Music for films, documentaries, video games, podcasts and anything that requires music! As every project is different, it would be better to get in touch in order to discuss the project and the price. All genres welcome. Whether you want an electronic score or strictly acoustic, orchestral or a combination of both, an in the box or live instruments composition, I can deliver! Get in touch to discuss your project and get a quote.


All lessons are £45 an hour.
If you buy a bundle of 5 lessons, then each lesson costs £40.
All lessons should be paid in advance.
I am using LANDR sessions to stream High Quality audio from my DAW.
I am on UTC +0 GMT Time (London)

Private Production Lessons

I can teach you about all aspects of production. Sound, microphones, plug-ins, recording, mixing concepts etc. All levels welcome.

Mixing Lessons

I can teach you how to mix. Beginner to advanced levels. I am using Logic Pro, but all principles taught will translate to all DAWs

Logic Pro Private Lessons

Even though I have the most detailed Logic Pro course on Youtube for free, you may feel that a private lessons approach works best for you.

Music Theory Lessons

Do you want to get started with music or want to refresh your music theory that you haven’t touched for years? Are you a producer or self-taught musician/songwriter that wants to better understand how music works? In the theory lessons we will cover all the concept you need to get you started in understanding music and using it for composition and production. Beginners that do not know to read or play an instrument are welcome.

Harmony Lessons

For the more advanced students that want to take their music to the next level. If you want harmony lessons, it is required that you have a good understanding of music theory and you know how to read and write music as we will be using a lot of written material demonstrate concepts and of course write music.